Time spent helping others

Ana Brkan has performed a number of roles for a range of charity and community organisations with a focus on people in need; whether that need is financial or due to serious illness. Below are some of the roles Ana has performed for these organisations.

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Ronald McDonald House provides important support and assistance to the families of seriously ill children. Ana Brkan has provided continuous support throughout the year to Ronald McDonald House.

Caxton Legal Centre

Caxton Legal Centre provides legal and social welfare services to low income and disadvantaged people. As an independent, non-profit community organisation, they provide free legal advice, social work services, information and referrals. Ana has volunteered her time at the centre during the flood appeal, providing help to those in need.

Bayside Family Legal Centre Capalaba

During 2010, Ana Brkan volunteered her time at this centre which provides a free general legal advice and a referral service. The target group is the general population, with an emphasis on low income groups. No means test is applied. The service receives only minimal funding and operates with volunteer assistance.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is about people finding freedom in a huge diversity of ways. Ana Brkan provides ongoing and continuous volunteer time to the Salvation Army in respect of wills for customers and users of the Salvation Army services.